"Like many others, my livelihood includes many long hours at a desk and in front of a computer. Three years into the practice, weekly yoga sessions pay rewards day in and day out, keeping my body limber and my breath even. What began as a curiosity has become something I look forward to every week."   Ian, 46 years old

"I have been attending yoga classes for over 10 years. In addition to toning my body and increasing my flexibility, my weekly classes have also helped me to manage an incredibly stressful career. Perhaps the greatest gifts were learning how to listen to my body and respect what it needs, and using breath work to be more present and mindful."   Karen, approaching 59 years old

"Erin is a true teacher and exploring the practice of yoga under her wise, serious and mature guidance  has changed me, physically and mentally, inside and out.  The external changes are obvious and wonderful: greater strength and flexibility; better alignment and posture; increased understanding of and respect for how my particular body works. What I treasure most, though, are the nuanced, ever-deepening shifts in perspective and attitude that accompany the physical discipline. I am so grateful to have Erin’s teaching and this source of well-being  as I grow older."    Carolyn, 65

"Yoga has helped restore balance throughout my life. Whether it is dealing with stress from work, remembering to be mindful of this life and movement within this body, or ensuring that I have the physical capacity and endurance to do the activities I enjoy, yoga is the structure that balances, restores, and enlivens me. Regular classes at Yoga On The Hill help me achieve the proper approach to postures and commitment to practice that I need."   Lenny, 56 years old

"Not only has yoga "cured" me of chronic lower back pain from herniated discs, it has given me a quality of life and ability to enjoy it that I didn't know was possible. I value my weekly sessions with Erin as they help me to bring deeper awareness of my body and my patterns to my daily life outside the studio."   Sara Curry, 39 years old

"As a busy, full-time working mother of two active boys, I have found my sanctuary in yoga class. While doing yoga I can focus on what my body needs and live completely in the moment. The strength and focus that I have gained from yoga in the past several years has carried into my personal life. My posture is better,  my mind clearer and my body more agile. I recommend yoga to to everyone."   Renee Fifield, 44 years old

"I've done yoga on and off for decades, and I joined Yoga on the Hill this year. It is a yoga practice like I've never experienced before. Erin, the caring and precise teacher with whom I practice, brings expansive meaning to every movement and pose. She shares comprehensive insight and in-depth instruction that resonates with me during (and far beyond) class. My body is feeling more erect, I notice more easily when I am out of alignment and I know how to make adjustments day in and out. I am feeling so much better and am enjoying a greater sense of well being since joining."  Liz, 50 years old

"I feel like I can conquer the world after Erin's yoga class! I've been medication free for anxiety since joining her weekly classes in 2012. Not only has it helped my mental health, but also my neck and back issues from a long commute and sitting at a desk all day. Best thing I did for my overall health!"   Michele, 35 years old

"I've been Erin's student since the days when Indian spices from the next door restaurant filled her studio (at 2 Government St). Her commitment to her path of yoga, her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, and her teaching skills have continued to deepen through the years. I credit her Healthy Aging class for my improved strength, posture, balance, and daily gratitude. Apparently one CAN teach an old dog new tricks, as long as one uses just the right blend of tenacity, good humor, respect and compassion. I'm glad I found Erin."    Clare, 68 years old

"The first yoga class I ever attended was with Erin 2+ years ago, since then I have routinely enjoyed both Erin's Healthy Aging and Sandra's Level 1 classes.  Physically both classes are challenging (in a good way) and the benefits continue to surprise me - both in class and "everyday life" I find my strength, balance and flexibility tremendously improved.  Perhaps my greatest accomplishment thus far has been standing on my SUP board - something I doubted I'd ever accomplish!  Thank you Erin and Sandra for continuing to challenge me in such an enjoyable manner."   Mary, 56 years old