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Community Class Series

With Yoga on the Hill's Teachers-in-Training:
Amanda, Leslee, Valerie, Melinda, Mindy, Anna and Katherine
Saturdays at 10-11am on
9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 11/7, 11/14, 12/12, 12/19
$5 suggested donation, all proceeds to Rett's Roost
Open to all levels, including beginners

Our current group of trainees are experienced teachers in an advanced training. They are looking forward to leading classes for the community, and ask you for support in raising money for a local non-profit, Rett's Roost. A $5 donation is suggested. This class series is open to all levels, including beginners. Rett's Roost's mission: "To create a peaceful, supportive place for families that have experienced first-hand the world of childhood cancer. We offer free retreats to the afflicted child, their parents, and siblings and provide activities that are rooted deep in compassion, acceptance, and the mind-heart-spirit connection. This includes yoga, art, music, nutrition, building relationships, and connecting with nature. When our child had cancer, we experienced how a loving community can transform lives. Rett's Roost is built on that abundance of LOVE, a desire to LIVE fully, and the intention to HEAL the body and mind."

Embodied Yogi: A Functional Butt

with Erin
Friday, September 18
6pm to 8pm
$25, registration required
Open to all levels of yogis

A functional butt?!?! Yes, it's something you need. In a society that favors how we look over how we function, this two hour class should be mandatory if you:
carry things (like children or grocery bags)
sit in chairs
complain about sore hips
worry about osteoarthritis in your knees or hips
feel limpy or creaky in your lower body
assume your golden years will be spent in a wheel chair

That just about covers everyone. When the glutes are strong, people have been known to to:
rejoice at the sight of hills
climb stairs while humming a happy tune
walk contentedly for miles
run with sustainability
smile while squatting

This two hour class is experiential, meaning we'll be moving the whole time, with short anatomy tidbits tossed in. Bring a notebook to jot down your favorite version of glute strengthening!

Essence: The Yoga of Breathing

with Erin
3 Fridays: October 2, 9, 16
6pm to 8pm
$75 for the series
Open to all levels of yogis with at least one year of consistent yoga practice, who are comfortable in savasana
This three week series will explore a practice of breathing. We will use a variety of techniques (self-massage, basic asana, gentle movement) to prepare for simple breathing techniques and basic pranayama (yogic breath practices). Quiet and deep, your pre-requisite is that you have a comfortable savasana in classes: this means you neither fall asleep immediately nor fidget throughout the pose. The class begins with movement and asana, and will conclude with extended time in breath instruction. Breath is the essence of yoga. It is subtle, it opens and calms, it transcends form the physical to the sublime.

Restorative Yoga

With Sandra Levin
Sundays: September 20 & October 4
$25 each, registration required
Open to all levels with 6 months of experience
September or October

In this two hour class, Sandra will guide you through 4-5 sublime variations of savasana (the final resting pose of each class). Each variation will be propped with extensively to support deep rest of your body and mind. As the poses are held for 20 minutes, you be able to experience the peace of mind, the calm heart and the quieted nerves that yoga is loved for.

The Embodied Yogi: Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

With Erin Ehlers and additional teachers
Saturday, October 17
Noon to 4pm
$60, registration required
Open to all levels

This class will begin with the science of the pelvic floor; it's bones, muscles, organs and its function as well as its relationship to the hips and core. We'll discuss the common dysfunctions and conditions associated with the pelvic floor such as incontinence, high and low muscle tone, organ prolapse (note, no diagnosis nor medical advice will be given). We'll take time to look at how we sit and stand affects our core and our floor, and we will conclude with an experiential yoga practice to tune into, strengthen and tone the pelvic floor, hips and abdomen. This workshop is open to all genders, and all levels. Yoga teachers, you will find this experiential workshop to be a worthwhile training in working with students with pelvic concerns. Note, this class includes frank discussion of body parts and the functions of thereof!

Gratitude Yoga

with Erin Ehlers
Friday, November 27
10am to Noon
$30, registration required
Open to level 2 and 3 students

Celebrate the season of gratitude with a class the day after Thanksgiving! Take two hours on Thanksgiving weekend to find a place inside of yourself that abides with peace and contentment. This class will include strong standing poses to invoke stamina, backbends to call forth joy and quiet poses to sit with peace.

Candlelight Yoga Charitable Class

with Erin Ehlers
Wednesday, December 23
$20 donation to Footprints Food Pantry (cash or check to Footprints)
Registration is required! This class always fills up.
Open to all levels

Our annual candlelight class, our corner of light in the winter! We'll be accompanied by bells, bowls and chimes as we move through a class to celebrate the season of giving. Sound, chanting, community and a quiet practice will uplift your spirit.

New Year's Yoga

with Erin Ehlers
Friday, January 1
10am to Noon
$30, registration required
Open to level 2 and 3 students

A commitment to your own well-being on January 1 will herald in a year of health and contentment. Join Erin for this annual celebration to set your New Year's sankalpa (intentions) for another year entwined with your yoga practice!

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