Weekend with Kofi Busia

May 15-17, 2015
Friday: 5pm to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to noon, and 2-4pm
Sunday: 9am to noon
Weekend Cost: $345

From Erin: We are currently full for this weekend. However, if you would like to add your name to the waiting list, please email erin@yogaonthehillkittery.com.

Take this rare opportunity to study with Kofi Busia, one of the world's foremost teachers in the Iyengar tradition. Kofi has taught for 40 years, and studied directly with BKS Iyengar in India. Kofi brings a unique approach to asana, illuminating the poses with storytelling, philosophy and humor. Expect long holds of traditional poses as you are brought deeper into an understanding of what it means to practice yoga.

If you will be seeking accommodations for the weekend, please contact Erin, who will put you in touch with a local inn offering rooms at $50 per night for students attending this workshop.

Spring Fling

Spring is perfect for making more time for yoga! If you can make time for 3 classes per week AND the April Movement Cleanse, pay $400 for the Spring session (13 weeks long). That's about $10 per class and a savings of $68 on the 3 weekly classes. And, daily movement challenges! You'll feel amazing as the weather warms up.

April Movement Cleanse

with Erin via email
30 days in April
$30, all levels


Movement is our inherent native skill. Our sedentary lifestyle robs us of the joys, the benefits and the health that comes from moving more, and more diversely. So, let's exit hibernation and move your body! Winter is especially tough on your body...snow shoveling, heavy boots and coats, cold temperatures, many indoor hours. Spring comes with the inspiration to shake off the cold months and MOVE. This 30 movement cleanse will challenge, educate and re-pattern your movements throughout your day. Each day, you'll receive an email with your daily challenge, basic anatomy, photos to demonstrate, links to helpful articles and videos and adaptations for limitations. You are also welcome to be in touch via email with questions and feedback, however, there is no class time for this. Expect to devote 15 minutes daily to this, and be willing to experiment with lifestyle habits. Some of our challenges will be:

Accessible yoga poses
Basic stretches
Family dinner on the floor
A day without a chair
Barefoot day
A screen-free Sunday
Hanging (from a door or a tree!)
Walking assignments

What you'll need: a yoga mat, a blanket (tight weave so it's firm when folded), a strap (or necktie, or bathrobe belt), a block (or a few books) and 1-2 rubber balls (Pinky balls or Yoga Tune Up balls). What you'll get: new movements for your body's vocabulary to enter Spring with an appreciation for what you body can do, and the inspiration to have it do more.


Monthly Level 3 Class

with Erin
Fridays: April 3, May 1, June 5
Noon to 2:00pm
For yoga teachers and level 3 students

Our weekly level 3 class is on hiatus, so join us for two ours of exploration each month! We'll take time to prepare for more complex poses, and include pranayama and a restorative for rest. Our work will be slow and creative, deep and alignment-intelligent. You must already be proficient in urdvha dhanurasana, ustrasana, sirsasana, and pincha mayurasana to attend. Please register prior to attending so that Erin can tailor the class to her students' abilities and interests.

Monthly Sukha Yoga Class

with Erin
Sundays: April 19, May 31, June 28
Level 2 and 3 students


Two hours of Sunday yoga sweetness! This class is the best of the softer side of Erin's style: self-massage with balls, gentle and creative stretches, restorative resting poses and breath work. Sukha yoga, or sweet yoga, is meant to unravel myofascial tension, soothe frazzled nerves and give space to gentle art of self-care. You will sleep better, breathe deeper and feel calmer after this class.


Restorative Yoga

with Sandra
Fridays: April 24, May 8, June 5
Yogis with at least 6 months of consistent yoga practice

Restorative yoga is a based on a simple concept: savasana is everyone's favorite pose! In a restorative yoga class, you will practice 3-4 variations on savasana (the final resting pose of each class), modified with props to create a few different variations. The class is done entirely reclined on the floor, and we'll use every prop in sight. Please dress in warm layers, and bring your own mat. We will supply all props. This class will bring you into deep rest, and allow your nervous system to create space for relaxation.


Embodied Yogi Workshop:
The Pelvic Floor and Hips

with Erin
Saturday, April 25
Women only, all levels

This class will begin with the science of the pelvic floor; it's bones, muscles, organs and it's function as well as it's relationship to the hips and core. We'll discuss the common dysfunctions and conditions associated with the pelvic floor (note, no diagnosis nor medical advice will be given). We'll take time to look at how we sit and stand affects our core and our floor, and we will conclude with an experiential yoga practice to tune into, strengthen and tone our pelvic floor, hips and abdomen. Note, this class includes frank discussion of body parts and the functions of thereof!


Mark you calendars for July 10-12! The Maine YogaFest is a weekend of yoga, lectures, meditation, wellness vendors and all the great fun that Portland has to offer. Erin has been invited to teach two classes, along with many local and regional yoga teachers. Open to all levels, this weekend is a great way to explore new teachers, different style and perspectives of yoga. Buy your tickets prior to March 31 for a discount!

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