Restorative Yoga

Friday evenings with Erin:

January 30
February 27
March 27
Sunday afternoon with Sandra:

January 4


Restorative yoga, meant to calm the nervous system, is quiet, still and peaceful. In this 90 minute class, we will practice 3 or 4 variations on Savasana (relaxation pose). We'll use every prop in sight to support your deep rest. Class size is limited, and registration and payment is required. These classes fill up quickly, reserve your spot soon! There are plenty of props for this class, but bring your own yoga mat, and dress warmly.

Winter Solstice Celebration

with Erin Ehlers
Sunday, December 21


Among the glitter and buzz of the holiday season, Nature quietly shifts the season and offer us a little more light. Come salute the sun and create a corner of brightness on the Winter Solstice. We will learn and practice chanting the twelve names of the Sun, we will practice the Iyengar Sun Salute and we will rest with the pale light of the winter in our hearts. Open to all students with healthy shoulders for weight bearing in Downward Dog, Upward Dog and Plank Pose.


Candlelight Yoga Class:
A Benefit for Footprints Food Pantry

with Erin Ehlers
Tuesday, December 23
$20 check payable to Footprints Food Pantry

The warm glow of candles on a cold winter night. The soft sounds of bells, bowls and chimes. A sweet and simple yoga class in the heart of our busy holiday season. No wonder that our annual candlelight class is a favorite of many Yoga on the Hill students! This fundraiser for our local food pantry is an all levels class open to anyone with two or more years of consistent practice. Erin will be accompanied by musicians offering background sounds to calm your mind in the middle of the winter celebrations. Each year, this class fills quickly. Erin maintains a waiting list, and if you register, you are expected to inform her if you cannot attend. Email to register. Payment is a check payable to Footprints donated at the class.

New Year's Yoga

with Erin Ehlers
Thursday, January 1, 2015


The New Year is full of inquiry and intention as we use this holiday to reflect upon our priorities and to commit to serving our highest selves. Sankalpa, the Sanskrit word for purpose, provides us with inspiration at the start of a New Year. Join Erin for a three hour class to reflect upon your sankalpa, as for yogis, it most surely involves being more present, more joyful and being entirely devoted to your yoga practice! This class is open to all students practicing in level 2 and 3 classes, as it will include arm balances, backbends and inversions as well as restorative poses.

Big Bundle of Yoga

Ready to make the New Year's commitment to health and well being? Looking to immerse yourself in yoga in the deep of winter? I've designed a Big Bundle of Yoga for serious students who want to start 2015 with a deep commitment to creating health and contentment.

•2 classes weekly in the Jan-Mar session ($336 value)
•3 Sukha Yoga Sundays ($90 value) OR 3 Restorative Fridays ($60 value)
•At the Foot of Yoga OR Shouldering the Burden Workshop ($45 value)
•2 hour long private lessons ($160 value)
This is valued at $630...The Big Bundle of Yoga cost is $500!

The fine print: this is a giant discount on a lot of yoga, therefore...please know that there is not an option to switch, substitute, or trade anything in the offer. Any missed weekly classes must be made up Jan-Mar session. No part of the offer can be used as credit or extended to another session. The 2 private lessons must be scheduled between Jan 1 and Mar 31. No exceptions, so if you sign up for this, please check your calendar to ensure you can schedule this into your winter.

Sukha Yoga, A Sweet Practice

with Erin Ehlers
Sundays: January 11, February 8, March 8
Open to all yogis with one year of consistent practice


Join Erin for a two hour version of sweet yoga! This class uses the quiet side of our practice to go within, to resolve tension and to relieve stress. Sukha Yoga ("sweet yoga") is a class that combines self massage with balls, gentle supported poses, pranayama and passive restorative yoga. As the perfect counter-balance to the hectic schedules and many distractions of our lives, Sukha Yoga will calm and soothe your nerves, and unwind your myofascial system. As yogis know, our mind, body and spirit are one, so the relief found the physical will transcend to the subtle.

Register via email:

Kripalu Retreats


Erin will be visiting Kripalu this January to take two workshops: an intensive with Kofi Busia, and a weekend class on yoga for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. When she attends Kripalu, she is able to offer a discount code to anyone attending during the same dates. This discount, 20% off any accommodations, can be used by anyone, attending any program (though she highly recommends taking class with her teacher, Kofi!).

Kofi Busia: all levels weekend
January 16 to 18

Kofi Busia: Iyengar yoga intensive
January 18 to 23

Yoga for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis
January 23 to 25

To apply the discount on any program during these dates (not just the programs above, you can even just go for R&R!) you must call Kripalu at (866) 200-5203. From January 16 to 23, give them the code "erin," and for January 23 to 25, give the registration desk the code "bones."

At the Foot of Yoga: Exploring the feet through massage & movement, alignment & asana

with Erin Ehlers
Saturday, January 31
12:00 to 3:00pm
Open to all levels

Home to one-quarter of our bodies' bones, our feet can perform exquisite feats of balance, stability and movement. But, foot pain is not uncommon and foot stiffness is the norm for many yogis. How can our yoga practice inform us and assist in the upkeep of supple, stable feet? Join Erin to explore the basics of foot anatomy and physiology, range of motion, poses and self-massage techniques for the feet. And since we can never isolate one body part from another, this class will also pay attention to the ankles, knees, hips and back. Expect lively discussion (how your favorite shoes may be your enemy), remedies for tight calves, suggestions for bunions and plantar fasciitis, and a new perspective on your feet!

Shouldering the Burden: Exploring the shoulders through massage & movement, alignment & asana

with Erin Ehlers
Saturday, February 21
12:00 to 3:00pm
Open to all levels

Our shoulder joint should give us freedom to express, gesture, work, carry and bear weight. A stiff or injured shoulder can make daily tasks difficult, and some yoga poses impossible. In our three hour class, we will first look at the anatomy of the shoulders, and their relationships to the upper back and the neck. From this understanding of the design, we can look at its function through range of motion work and better alignment in yoga asana. Expect to leave with a better understanding of the muscles and bones that comprise shoulders, and key pieces of alignment for keeping stiffness and injury at bay. We'll include time on the rotator cuff and it's common injuries.

Yoga Mala

March 1, 2014

Support us at the 7th annual Yoga Mala! Held in the beautiful Rivermill venue, this uplifting fundraiser will be donating to food and fuel assistance and to yoga outreach programs. Help us raise $60,000! Details coming soon.


Weekend with Kofi Busia

May 15-17, 2015
Friday: 5pm to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to noon, and 2-4pm
Sunday: 9am to noon
Weekend Cost: $330
Per class cost: $100
Registration opens in January

Save the date for a rare opportunity to study with Kofi Busia, one of the world's foremost teachers in the Iyengar tradition. Kofi has taught for 40 years, and studied directly with BKS Iyengar in India. Kofi brings a unique approach to asana, illuminating the poses with storytelling, philosophy and humor. Expect long holds of traditional poses as you are brought deeper into an understanding of what it means to practice yoga.

Students must have 2 years of consistent yoga experience and be proficient in a supported shoulderstand and headstand (use of wall is acceptable). All styles of yogis are welcome, you do not need experience in Iyengar yoga. Students with injuries must have a basic knowledge of adapting.

We are fortunate to host this incredible teacher at our small studio and expect the weekend to sell out quickly. Currently, Erin asks you to save the date and will open registration in 2015. Initial registration will be open to students signing up for the entire weekend.

If you will be seeking accommodations for the weekend, please contact Erin, who will put you in touch with a local inn offering rooms at $50 per night for students attending this workshop.

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