Studio Etiquette:

Please honor your teacher and fellow students by arriving at least 5 minutes before class time. If you do arrive late, please enter quietly. Classes will begin and end on time.

We reserve the right to ask you to attend a class that is appropriate for your experience and abilities in yoga, new yogis may not attend level 2 or 3 classes.

New students: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first class to fill out our intake form, and so your teacher can say hello.

Remove your shoes before entering, and minimize the amount of "stuff" you bring into our small space. Coats can be hung in the hall.

Update your teacher if you have an injury, become pregnant, are menstruating or if you have any concerns regarding your abilities in the class.

Do not eat a large meal within 2 hours before the practice.

Stay hydrated before and after class. Any liquids brought into the studio must have a lid.

Please remove your watch. Do not bring any electronic distractions to class. If you remove your glasses during class, do not place them on the floor.

Questions are welcome before, during and after class.

Class Style:

Erin seeks quality over quantity, chooses form over force and prefers a look within to a work-out. She teaches intelligent sequences meant to open and deepen her students' practices. She coaxes a pose out of understanding and clarity, creating challenge by releasing compensating habits and infusing new strength within neglected spaces. At all classes, Erin asks that you inform her of any injury or limitation. As a an experienced yoga teacher in a small studio, Erin is happy to offer you personal attention and help with your practice. Neither Erin nor Sandra teach a vinyasa style, we offer alignment-based, slow-paced, deep classes.

Yoga on the Hill offers classes for all levels of yoga practitioners:

Level 1 is perfect for brand new yoga students, as well as those students seeking a slow pace and a gentle practice. BEGINNER FRIENDLY, PRENATAL FRIENDLY

Level 2 classes are appropriate for students with more than a year of regular practice. In our level 2 classes, we will learn the fundamentals of deeper poses, such as backbends and inversions. EXPERIENCED PRENATAL FRIENDLY

Level 3 classes offers experienced students a practice that includes backbends and inversions. Level 3 is appropriate for students with several years of consistent practice, who are comfortable in headstand, shoulderstand, forearm stand and wheel pose. Your proficiency in these poses is assumed if you attend this class.

Assisted Practice is open to students at Yoga on the Hill enrolled in another weekly class, with at least one year of consistent yoga experience. There is no verbal instruction as you practice in silence and receive assistance from Erin. Students who attend are expected to be comfortable with hands-on adjusts from your teacher. Drop ins and make ups are not permitted at this class.

Restorative Yoga is a practice that includes 3-4 reclining poses, held for at least 15 minutes each. It is a passive practice meant to soothe the nervous system. Injuries can be accommodated, but at least 6 months experience in yoga is required. EXPERIENCED PRENATAL FRIENDLY

Yoga for Healthy Aging is a modified class that uses lots of props to ensure a stable and safe practice for those with arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements, back pain and other limitations. In this class, we don't sit on the floor (we use chairs) and we don't bear weight on the hands or wrists. We also welcome any younger students who need to adapt for any injury or limitation! BEGINNER FRIENDLY, PRENATAL FRIENDLY.

Private Classes: Erin offers private classes, and small group classes, by appointment. This format is recommended for issues that can't be addressed in a group setting, or for students looking to deepen their practice. Cost is $85 per hour session, or $55 per half hour.

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